Possibly one of the greatest show ever I mean as doctor house treats his patients nd always use sarcastic answers is just too good 

If you guys are looking for a show to watch do Check house it’s truly a great show 


He stood thier as they lifted her body and took her away reminiscing all of the times they spent together 

And realising how he never really noticed how much he appreciated her . Just to give anything to get back those moments to get back with her to tell her how much she means to me he kept mumbling with little drops of tears falling from his face 

All that was left with him were the memories and regret of not telling her his feelings that ate him alive 

What the fool didn’t realise was that all those moments and memories that stayed in his mind and heart are what’s important even though he had regrets but to never forgive himself would have been the greatest regret of his life .

We all have things that we regret about but honestly if you’re gonna do something do it with no regrets nd even if u have them just move on nothing good ever comes holding on to something that only hurts you 



For A FriendĀ 

So we all have friends to whom we are close to and share everything with but then what if one day that friend asks you that how much they matter to you 

I mean honestly it’s kind of a stupid question and you will be like 

“Dude what šŸ˜…” it’s a simple question actually but when you think bout it it’s kinda hard to answer I mean how would you tell your friend that how much they matter to you it’s like answering why can’t we breathe under water if it has oxygen in it but I guess at the end the simplest question are the hardest to answer 

We for me i answered with this little verse 

” With you I have a bond that I can’t break 
With you I have a trust that I can’t fake 
So if you ask for my loyalty I’ll lay down my head just for your sake 
Cuz you are my friend even though you have a pumpkin face šŸ˜‚” 

It’s funny I know but like I said it can’t be put into words and I’m an idiot under pressure.. 

hope you guys share your feelings after reading this 




Those amazing people that stick by you through tough times when troubles are the only thing that comes into your life 

Those people that stay with you when you have nothing to do and everyone has left you cuz your annoying them 

Those people that are always here day and night even if you get in a fight a single call nd they will be by your side again 

Those are the real friends everyone needs in thier life not just people who forget wgen they stop meeting or talking 

But thd people whom you don’t even see for years but yet wgen u see them even a shred of arrogance is shown 

Truly an amazing thing to have in this world real friends…